Lauren Packard Art

My work strives to give voice to my experience visually by drawing upon feeling/emotion, environment, and oppression/politics. My work is influenced by the juxtapositions of my life: mind/body, organic/geometric, dream/reality, public/private,voice/silence, masculinity/femininity. My art is a visual conversation and exploration of the tension, influence, disruption, and harmony of these elements. In abstracting moments and ideas in life, I am giving voice to my experience. I hope to engage with the viewer in a new way of seeing, understanding, or feeling something familiar, whether that be an emotion, idea, or object.
Being female, being queer, and being an artist all shape my work. My work makes visible the everyday interactions, thoughts, patterns, struggles, and objects of life that imbue my and other underrepresented individuals’ experience. Art enabled communication for me, and my artwork extends that conversation between the viewer and the art.